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We are Noratex
A family of engineers that turns ideas into solutions
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We are Noratex
A family of engineers that turns ideas into solutions


We are Noratex—Always ΟΝ

Noratex is a family business with a long and rich history since 1975. We started as a small workshop producing Medium Voltage insulators and then developed into one of the first importers in Greece of electrical hardware and automation products in collaboration with leading factories from Asia and Europe.

We created the NORA brand in electrical industrial hardware, which competed in Greece with the price and quality of corresponding European products.

In recent years, the new generation of the company, George and Athanasia, both electrical engineers, contributed to the development of the company in areas of energy saving with an emphasis on LED lighting of public spaces.

Due to our experience as engineers, we are able to accompany the sales of our products with specialized studies, which we make sure are always consistent with European standards.

Our priority is to offer smart solutions to facilitate the life and safety of citizens in modern cities.

A team of engineers, with a lot of experience!


Our History

Since 1975, a small family workshop of electrical equipment has gradually developed into a commercial technical enterprise that stands out for its many years of experience, its reliability and the trusting relationships with its partners.


New techology

With our new innovative products, such as LED street lights, Solar outdoor lights, LED top lights for parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, stadium floodlights and lighting masts, we have carried out phototechnical studies and lighting projects in many places throughout Greece.


Team spirit

The Noratex team is the heart of our business. Our team consists of members with extensive experience in their field. Our team spirit and our spirit of cooperation aims to always focus on the immediate service of our customers.

Our team

Νεόφυτος WEB

Neophytos Christodoulou


Neophytos Christodoulou is a structural engineer and founder of Noratex ABEE. With extensive experience in entrepreneurship and negotiations, he always provides solutions to all business-related issues.


George Christodoulou


Georgios Christodoulou is an electrical engineer, a graduate of the University of Liverpool, England, with a master's degree in energy systems from the University of Manchester. He has worked for manufacturers of electrical panels, in the Attiko Metro where he gained practical experience and as a study engineer in multinational companies such as ABB. During the years of work at ABB, he specialized in wind farm studies and indoor and outdoor lighting studies. In addition to the engineering skills he acquired, he also stood out as a Young Leader and received management seminars abroad. In 2006 he took over the family business.

Θάνια WEB

Athanasia Christodoulou

Vice president

Athanasia Christodoulou is an electrical engineer, a graduate of the University of Bristol and the University of Cambridge, England, and a connoisseur. In 2007 she received a full scholarship from the EPSRC of England for her Masters at the University of Cambridge, from which she graduated with an award for her research in Sustainable Development. He also studied for a year in Germany at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg, where he also worked in MRI Research and Development at Siemens. In 2008 she returned to Greece to take over the continuity of the family business with her brother.

We Are Noratex

A dynamic business of experienced engineers, which from 1975 until today, continues to offer high quality products, studies and constructions of energy systems